Scholarship Application Form + Instructions

To apply for one of the following scholarships, you will need to download the Scholarship Application Form and the Scholarship Instructions listed below.



Animal Control and Welfare Project (ACWP) will create a one-time $1,000 scholarship to be awarded annually (if candidates are available) to a student whose plans include the care of animals. ACWP stipulates at least one member of their Board be part of the review and selection process of all applicants for the ACWP Animal Care Scholarship.

This fund was established by the Estate of Kimberly Ann Abbott and Katherine “Katie” Holt to honor her niece Kim’s memory. The scholarship will be awarded to a student from the Hinton area including Summers and Raleigh counties.

This fund was established in memory of Lester and Marjorie Bowles by their children with the intent to give back to their community.  It will provide a scholarship for undergraduate study or vocational training for residents of Summers County or graduates of Summers County schools.

Created by Mitch & Lori Bowling, this fund will provide an annual scholarship to a graduating senior at Summers County High School in the amount of $1000 per year for up to four years of full-time enrollment.  Eligible applicants are Summers County High School graduating seniors with a minimum GPA of 3.5 and at least two years of athletics, including senior year of high school, who are committed to attending a four-year accredited university. 

Established by the children of John E. and Marjorie E. Burdette, this fund provides grants in alternating years for the Hinton Area Little League and scholarships for Summers County students majoring in elementary education at Concord University. Marjorie Burdette taught school for 39 years in many one and two room schools. She taught during the school term and attended college through the summer, all while being a full time homemaker, wife and mother. John Burdette was a railroader and community spirited individual. He was instrumental in starting Little League baseball in Hinton and worked tirelessly to help establish the Little League Baseball Complex in Bellepoint.

The purpose of this scholarship fund is to provide scholarships to Summers County High School graduates.

Campaign 2000 is the general scholarship fund for the Hinton Area Foundation. Scholarships are awarded to students enrolled in post-secondary education who are graduates of Summers County Public Schools, or who are residents of Summers County and have maintained at least a 3.0 grade point average for the four years of high school.

The purpose of the Clark Family Scholarship Fund is to give back to the Summers County Community by encouraging Summers County High School students to attend Marshall University or Concord University, preferably seeking a degree in education or business, then return to Summers County to work, volunteer, and encourage philanthropic giving – therefore making the community a better place to live. Those eligible for this scholarship fund are Summers County High School graduating seniors, undergraduate students, or college graduates seeking an advanced degree in education or business at Marshall University or Concord University.

The James and Julia (Bransford) Cox Fund was established by their children to honor the memory of their parents, who encouraged a life-long interest in learning, compassion for others, and service in their local communities.  James (“Jimmie”) and Julia were Hinton natives who attended Hinton area public schools before marrying and before James’ employment led them to Virginia.  Scholarships made possible by this Fund are awarded to students who are graduates of Summers County Public Schools (or who are residents of Summers County) for study at colleges, universities, or technical schools.  Each scholarship recipient is chosen on the basis of an evaluation of his or her application information and who demonstrates financial need.  It is not limited to those students who have superior academic records.

This scholarship fund, formerly known as the First Presbyterian Fund, was formally changed to honor Howard Creed. He was actively involved in the church, the toy fund, and many other community projects, including support for the Hinton Area Foundation.

Matthew Ellison was a student at Hinton High School who continued his education to become a medical doctor. His family and his friends, both in Hinton and in Oak Ridge, have made donations to create this scholarship fund in his memory.  Preference will be given to students entering the medical field.

Gene Fife, a native of Hinton, a graduate of Virginia Tech, and retired executive of Goldman Sachs, contributed to the education of 62 students from Hinton High School and Summers County High School over a span of 20 years. Many of these students have established successful careers for themselves. 

They now desire to honor Gene Fife and give back to the community by contributing to a scholarship fund named in his honor.

This scholarship fund was set up by the directors of the First National Bank of Hinton (now Summit Bank).

Bill Garten was a teacher and coach in the Summers County school system for many years, winning a state football championship in 1968. The football field at Summers County High School was named “Garten Field” in 1999 to honor Coach Garten. 

Coach and his family and friends established this scholarship fund to help local students.

Local Nationwide insurance agent, Ann Gore, a member of the original Hinton Area Foundation Board of Directors, created this fund with proceeds from her Corporate Community Service Award, an award from Nationwide in recognition of her community involvement.

The Gwinn Family Scholarship was created by Campbell Gwinn of Green Sulphur Springs. The Gwinn Family was one of the very first families in Summers County with one branch settling in the Lowell area and another in Green Sulphur Springs. This scholarship is for a student attending Concord University and Concord has also contributed significant assets to this fund to make this scholarship possible.

Bob & Faye Gwinn Scholarship Fund will assist Summers County Students to attend college or technical school.  Preference will be given to students entering the nursing or medical field, but this is not a requirement.

Ellsworth and Beulah’s children created this scholarship to honor their parents, who enjoyed 54 years of marriage. Ellsworth’s 44-year career was typical of many of our distinguished teachers. He graduated from Talcott High School in 1935, and attended Concord for two years. In 1937, he began teaching in many local one-room schools, as well at Hinton High School. Many of his students became “Golden Horseshoe” winners. Beulah (neé Garten), raised in Tempa, married Ellsworth in 1939, becoming his greatest supporter. A fulltime housewife, she took special joy in both her immediate and extended family.

The fund was created by John Henry Historical Society to assist students with their educational costs of attending an institution in the state of West Virginia.  Students eligible for this scholarship will be graduates of Summers County High School with a minimum 3.0 grade point average.

Paul Hess, a member of the original planning group of the Hinton Area Foundation, came to Hinton to serve as President of the National Bank of Summers.  This fund was established by donations from his family and his friends.

Local business woman, Joyce Jarrell, created this fund for graduates of Summers County public schools in her will. She and husband, Mac, operated an Exxon Station in Hinton many years. Undergraduate Study: Funding may be continued for a total of four years of undergraduate work. Concord University will provide a matching grant for students who elect to attend Concord University. Graduate Study: One annual $2,000 stipend may be awarded to a college graduate to pursue post graduate study or professional school.

This fund was set up in memory of Claude Johnson Jr. by his widow, Vera. Vera had dropped out of school at the age of 16 but then returned to high school to graduate with her eldest son. She continued on at Concord and eventually got a Master’s degree in education from West Virginia University.

Ralph Jones, a lifelong Summers County resident, was instrumental in its development in the last half of the 20th Century. He attended Talcott High School, served in the U.S. Army, and was employed by the C&O Railroad. Later he became active in business as a builder and developer of the Pine Hill sub-division and the first cable television system in the Hilldale and Talcott areas. An accomplished musician, Ralph was well known for his guitar, fiddle playing, and singing. He loved fishing, restoring antique cars, and woodworking. A generous Good Samaritan, he attended Trinity United Methodist Church in Talcott. His family and many friends created this memorial 

scholarship to encourage young people to pursue vocational education after high school.

Established by Hildred Smith Allard to assist graduates of Summers County High Schools to further their education in either college or technical training.  The fund was made in honor of Mrs. Allard’s grandparents, Thomas A. & Lula Jones and William & Eliza Willey.

Scholarships made possible by the Kiwanis Club are awarded to students who are graduates of Summers County Public Schools, or residents of Summers County, for undergraduate study at colleges and universities. The award is not limited to those students who have superior academic records.

This fund was the concept of Burkey Lilly.  The inspiration was to honor Art Lough, a former Summers County Extension agent, and the dedicated teachers at Hinton High School.  It started as a pass-through fund to pay the premiums of a generous life insurance policy of which, upon the death of the donors, the proceeds would become an endowed fund.  It provides a scholarship for a student to study an exact science at Concord University or West Virginia University.

This fund supports undergraduate study for students who are graduates of Summers County Public Schools or residents of Summers County whose parents, grandparents or great-grandparents attended Lincoln School.

The Marsh Scholarship was established to provide awards to graduating high school seniors in Summers County who will attend Concord University. Recipients should demonstrate academic and leadership promise as well as financial need. Well known in our area and a nationally recognized educator, Dr. Marsh was the 13th president of Concord College where he served for 14 years. Earlier in his life at only 19 years old, he was a gunnery officer on the destroyer USS Hale in the Pacific during World War II. Later, he served in the Executive Office of President Harry Truman. Dr. Marsh was Rotary District Governor, Chairman of the State College System of West Virginia, and Vice Chairman of the West Virginia Parkways Authority. 

He was a co-founder of the National Youth Science Camp, the only remaining legacy of our State’s centennial celebration in 1963.

This scholarship is for a Summers County graduate attending Marshall University or Mountwest Community and Technical College in Huntington, WV.  It was created by Paul’s family and friends to honor his memory. 

Paul was a 2000 graduate of Summers County High School and a 2003 graduate of Marshall University. He worked as the service manager for Advanced Technical Solutions. He lived with his wife Andrea and their “rescued” dog, Ellie, in Huntington, and loved outdoor activities. His kindheartedness was known by all with whom he came into contact.

Created by the children of William and Joyce – Ann M. Wells and J. William “Bill” Meador, this fund is to help provide encouragement, inspiration, and support to individuals or groups who seek to engage in lifelong learning for personal and/or professional reasons and whose ultimate goal is to serve others through their learning.  

With roots that run deep through Summers County, Will and Joyce Meador became grounded in the value of the golden rule, fairness, and hard work.  Children of the Great Depression, their parents were respected citizens and entrepreneurs; their ancestors were railroaders, farmers, educators, civic leaders, local church founders, and some of the earliest European settlers in what is today Summers County.  As a very young boy, Will worked with his widowed mother at the William Meador Grocery Store in Hinton. Joyce’s first teaching job as a graduate of WVU was at the two room Meadow Creek School and after family responsibilities she returned to teaching in adult and remedial education. The Meador family values—faith in God, family, community, equality, and opportunity and the significance of reputation, resilience, and resourcefulness—were the impetus for this fund. 

This scholarship was established by the church in memory of Eleanor Meadows, a life-long resident of Summers County and graduate of Hinton High School. A lifelong learner, who spent summers studying at WVU and Marshall College, her entire career was spent as an English teacher at Hinton High School.

The directors of the National Bank of Summers (now City National Bank) created this fund to assist students who are graduates of Summers County Public Schools, or residents of Summers County, for undergraduate study at colleges and universities. Recipients shall not be limited to those students who have superior academic records.

This scholarship is awarded on the basis of need for any worthy scholastic purpose, including, but not limited to, a college education. The fund is administered with the advice of the Hinton Rotary Club. Melvin Plumley created this scholarship in memory of his son, Joseph M. Plumley, who died in 2002 at the age of 35. This fund will benefit a student from Summers County and adjoining areas of Raleigh, Monroe, Greenbrier, and Fayette counties.

 Coach Julian “Buzzy” Richmond touched many lives during his tenure as a teacher and coach in the Summers County School System.  The purpose of this fund is to keep alive the dreams for our students and athletes that Coach Richmond was so proud to support in his lifetime.

Margaret Ann Rossi, known to all as Peggy grew up in New York City, but dedicated her adult life to social service in Summers County.  After attaining a Masters in Social Work Degree at West Virginia University, she became co-director of the Summers County Council on Aging; later, she founded and directed REACHH-Family Resource Center.  The memorial scholarship was established by Peggy’s family in hopes that her memory, spirit and compassion will continue to aid citizens of Summers County. Graduating seniors with career plans in social work, education, or nursing are prioritized.  Students continuing their studies, as well as graduates of the L.A.M.P. program, may also be considered.

The Bill Van Sant Scholarship Fund was created in memory of Bill Van Sant by his family. Bill was a retired teacher of social studies and American history who believed in the power of education. He took a very strong interest in the Summers County School System.

In memory of Dr. Shammaa, a beloved pediatrician in Hinton, West Virginia, Brenda M. Shammaa and family have established this fund to provide scholarships to students who wish to pursue studies in the medical field.  Graduating seniors from Summers County who have a 3.5 GPA and are committed to medical studies at a four-year accredited university may apply.

Created by Hildred Smith Allard, to whom music is an important part of life, this fund enables graduates of Summers County High School to attend college to further enhance their music education and training.  The people eligible for this are graduates of Summers County High School.

Established by Hildred Smith Allard to assist graduates of Summers County High Schools to further their education in either college or technical school.  The fund was made in honor of Mrs. Allard’s brother, Arthur Smith, Jr. and her uncle, Alvin W. Willey.

The Stokes Scholarship fund, donor-advised by the Hinton Rotary Club, is the oldest scholarship fund in the county, having given out scholarships annually since 1963. Dr. Stokes was the archetypal country doctor serving Summers County from about 1930 until his death in 1977. He was much beloved, and delivered so many babies that many county residents have “Stokes” as a middle name. He was very active in the community, serving for many years as the President of the Summers County Board of Education. A stalwart of the Hinton Rotary Club, he is the only member to have ever served as District Governor of the Southern District of West Virginia Rotary International.

Created by the Summers County Historical Society to preserve and promote the history of Summers County, this fund provides a scholarship to a Summers County student interested in history.

This scholarship was made possible by the success of the drama programs in the Summers County Schools, led by Patricia Jeffries and Thomas Hutchison. It is awarded to a graduate of Summers County High School who participated in some aspect of the Summers County Kids in Dramatic Studies and/or the Summers County Drama Department who will pursue a degree in fine arts or a program that would have a positive impact on fine arts education.

This Pass-through fund houses scholarship funds from the Summers County School of Practical Nursing Memorial Scholarship to provide an annual scholarship to a student or students of the Summers County School of Practical Nursing who have successfully completed the first phase of the program and enters Phase II of the program. Recipient(s) must be enrolled and in good standing with the SCSPN based on recommendations from the Coordinator and Nursing Instructor. Half of the scholarship is payable at the beginning of Phase II and remaining half will be payable at the beginning of Phase III of the SCSPN school calendar.

Talcott High School Scholarships are awarded to graduates of Summers County High School who would have graduated from Talcott High School had consolidations not occurred. These graduates must live in the communities of Talcott, Lowell, Pence Springs, Clayton, Judson, Hilldale, Powleys Creek, Forest Hill, Indian Mills, Marie, Ballengee, and Barger Springs, served by Talcott High School at the time of its closing in 1980.

Billy was a 1975 graduate of Hinton High School. He owned and operated Turner Lane Farms. He will be remembered for his hard work ethic both as a railroader and farmer.  The characteristics that will never be forgotten by Billy’s family and friends were his generosity and willingness to help others.

Created by his wife, Linda K. Turner, and his parents, Earl and Jane Turner, the fund is to benefit those interested in farming or related trades or pursuits.  It can also be used to assist the Future Farmers of America (FFA). The people or organizations eligible for grants from this fund are individuals preparing for farming or related fields.  If there are not qualified applicants in these fields, then consideration may be given to individuals considering health-related fields.