Gifts to endowed or permanent funds are never spent. Gifts are invested, and the income from the investment is used to fulfill each fund’s charitable purpose.


Discretionary Funds:

Because the charitable needs of Summers County are continually changing, you may feel that a group of living individuals is better able to determine the current situation of the community than a written document from the past. For the donor who chooses to give a gift with no restrictions, a discretionary fund allows our Board of Directors the flexibility to allocate the income from your fund to meeting the emerging needs of the community.

Field of Interest Funds:

This fund type allows you as the donor to specify a charitable purpose (without naming a particular organization) for the allocation of the fund’s annual income based on your values and interests, be that education, health, social welfare, the environment, local economic development, and so on. These funds partially restrict the use of income, while allowing flexibility to meet changing charitable needs.

Designated Funds:

For the donor who wishes to direct their fund allocation to a specific charity, this fund type allows you to define the charity or charities you wish to support and the percentages to go to each. If one of your charities ceases to operate or no longer offers the type of service you have defined, we will find one that does, allowing your gift to remain vital and meaningful.

Operating Endowed Funds:

The Foundation’s value to the Summers County community is its role as the trusted, common source for contributions to support the charitable needs and future welfare of the community. We play a vital function for our service area by managing charitable donations responsibly within legal and ethical guidelines. Donors who recognize our value are invited to direct their giving to help defray the
operating expenses of the Foundation and in this way assist in the Foundation’s charitable efforts.

Scholarship Funds:

We at the HAF take higher education seriously. The Foundation manages more than 40 scholarship funds that honor family or friends, memorialize loved ones, or ensure donor values are passed from on generation to the next. Our donors entrust us with the management of their scholarship funds. We in turn find the best candidates to fit the criteria they designate and we manage the selection process. Amounts vary from year to year and some scholarships may be renewable for up to four years. Scholarship funds provide access to education for deserving students, who are from Summers County. Funds may be tailored to support students attending a specific school, studying a particular field, or graduating from a specified school; they may address specific financial needs such as tuition, books, boarding, or stipends. Our scholars range from newly graduating high school students to non-traditional or continuing students, technical or trade-school students, as well as those pursuing graduate studies.


The Community Impact Fund (originally established as the General Endowment Fund) is a discretionary endowed fund which provides annual grant funding in March for the ever-changing charitable needs of the Hinton and Summers County community.

Jack A. Holt and a core group of dedicated individuals established this fund with a goal of bettering this special place they call “home,” now and in the future The funds are used to facilitate improvement in the Hinton area thus securing a stronger, more vibrant community in which to live and visit. Grants from this fund are issued annually in the October.

This fund has grown into a vehicle for providing Summers County teachers with mini-grants for materials and programs that will supplement their standard class routine. Mini-grants are awarded annually in October. Jay Word, Beckley businessman, and his mother Sally Word, created this fund originally to focus on improving student academic achievement. The Words, who currently live in Beckley, have their family roots are in Pence Springs.

The Animal Control & Welfare Project, Inc. is the “Humane Society” for Summers County. Its mission includes finding homes for displaced animals, spaying and neutering animals, investigating animal abuse, and public education.

Col. James McCreery Baylor was a retired senior vice president of A.T. Massey Coal Company, Inc. and a retired US Marine Corps Reserve Colonel. He was a veteran of WWII and the Korean War. Although he left Hinton at a young age, he retained a strong interest in the area. His family and the directors of the Piney Land Company, McCreery Coal Land Company, and James T. McCreery Company, on whose boards Mr. Baylor served for over 40 years, have established this discretionary fund in the Hinton Area Foundation to honor his memory and his ties to Hinton.

This discretionary fund, established by the family and friends of Jean Dressler Beasley, provides grants for the furtherance of the objectives of the Hinton Area Foundation. 

Jean Beasley – accomplished artist, musician, teacher, and scholar – decided that her time, energy, and creativity could best be spent as a mother to her three daughters. Her principal contributions to community stemmed from her devotion to children and family. She was an ardent advocate for improved schools and student achievement. She was a gubernatorial appointee to the West Virginia Women’s Commission and the West Virginia Humanities Council. She also served as a member of the West Virginia Faculty Merit Foundation. She is remembered as a woman of high integrity, courageous convictions, unaffected humility, and winning personal warmth. Her friends from the West End and Hinton days were friends for life.

The Chanlett-Avery Fund was established to support efforts in and around Summers County to enhance the health and environment of its residents.

The Will of Lacy Wood left half of his estate to help children with medical issues. The Hinton Area Foundation has established this Field-of-Interest fund to receive and assesses requests for aid from the families of children who need medical assistance.

Thomas Crawford’s great-grandfather, Giles Ballengee, donated the property for the Oak Grove Cemetery, located in Ballangee. He has established the fund to help maintain this cemetery. Although born with muscular dystrophy, Thomas Crawford had a 32 year career at Summers County Hospital. His inspiration for establishing this fund has been the many people who have helped him and his family over the years.

Geraldine and Billy Joe Edwards have established the Youth Activities Fund to enhance the opportunities of youth attending James Chapel Church in True, West Virginia. Income from the fund is distributed to the Church annually and benefits youth who participate in church activities or display an active leadership role.

The historic Fox Cemetery is located at Brooks, West Virginia. The fund was started by Wilma Angotti, Jennings Cyrus, and Melvin Plumley for its maintenance and upkeep.

The Graham House, located at Lowell on Route 3 is the oldest home in Summers County. James Graham built his home in 1770. The original logs and stone chimneys are still intact. 

To preserve the structure and the history associated with it, the home was purchased by the Graham House Preservation Society, a non-profit, all-volunteer organization. Popular viewing opportunities are in December when the Society recreates Christmas dinners from the 1770s. The Graham House Preservation Society created this fund to help insure the future of the house.

The Gwinn Cemetery was originally a family cemetery, which was established in the late 1700s. As the Green Sulphur Springs community grew other members of the community were buried there also. The fund was established by Regina Gwinn Eckle to preserve and maintain the cemetery.

Created by John & Betty Hendrick, the purpose of this fund is for maintenance of the historic Oak Grove Cemetery in Ballengee, WV. 

This discretionary fund was established with the intent that funds would remain in Summers County to assist with the educational, vocational or health-related needs of citizens who live here. “Becky” Eades Hess is a graduate of Hinton High School, Concord University and WVU. She taught French and other foreign languages in schools in Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia.

Established by Benny and Gayle Vest, this fund provides for the preservation, restoration, and promotion of the historic Hilltop Cemetery in Hinton WV with the intent of supporting activities that would lead to the cemetery becoming a cultural and historical tourist destination.

This discretionary fund was started by the Hinton Area Foundation with proceeds from the Autumn After Five social event and a matching grant from the Carter Family Foundation.

Lena Jane Jones, widow of Stephen D. Jones, has established this fund to support the growth of writing proficiency in Summers County. In recent years, grants have supported the Student Writing Contest for Summers County student in Grades 3 through 12. Groups or individuals that demonstrate a specific need in writing proficiency with a measurable outcome are invited to apply for grants.

The purpose of this fund is to provide funding for tools, education, and recognition to assist individuals of any age, or groups, in Summers County who wish to grow, augment, or demonstrate their skills in management and leadership. The Summers County community has benefited from the hard work of many people; some who have formal training and experience and others who are just natural leaders and managers. Managers are individuals who handle the details of planning, organizing, and coordinating of projects; leaders are individuals who influence, inspire, motivate, and bring people and communities together to reach a common goal.

Ralph and Patty Wilson created the Lilly-Wilson Education Fund to honor their parents, Mabel Lilly Lazio, Cecil C. Lilly, Helen Chadwick Wilson, and Ralph O. Wilson, Sr.  The award benefits the Summers County Teacher of the Year without restriction for its use. The Wilsons had an enormously positive impact in our community after they retired and moved back to Hinton in 1990. Ralph served as President of the Kiwanis, the West Virginia State Water Festival, Hinton Main Street, the Summers County Chamber of Commerce, and the Hinton Area Foundation.  He was the Treasurer of the Lilly Family Reunion Association.

The Moody Gwinn Cemetery Trust was created to maintain the historical nature of the Meadow Creek Community Cemetery also known as the Gwinn Cemetery.

The income from this fund, created by the Marcella Morrison estate, is used to provide food and clothing for children in need.

The fund was established to insure continuous funds for the day to day operations of the Hinton Area Foundation.

Dr. Seaton served on the Board of Directors of the Hinton Area Foundation for many years. This discretionary fund was created by his friends and the HAF Board to honor his long service. In addition to sitting on the Hinton Area Foundation Board, Dr. Seaton was seemingly everywhere in his charitable activities benefitting the people of Summers County.

This Field-of-Interest fund was established by the generous gift of Florence Rossi to support REACHH-Family Resource Center.

At an early age, Hildred M. Smith Allard, the creator of this fund, became the pianist at Spruce Run Church where her uncle, Harry Peyton, was the pastor.  Grants from this fund will be used to preserve and maintain the Spruce Run Chapel at Forest Hill, West Virginia

This is the largest of our designated funds. It was created by a combination of estate bequests, Friends of the Library fundraisers, and general contributions. The income earned on this endowed fund supports the operations and maintenance of the Summers County Public Library.

The Vest Family Cemetery Association created this fund to perpetually maintain and care for both the historic Jackson Vest and historic Farley-Vest Cemeteries located in Jumping Branch WV.

The purpose of this fund is to provide for the maintenance, repair and restoration of the historic Luther Vest Cemetery.

This fund was established in 2001 by the veterans to use for community projects.

This fund was created under the leadership of Carl Edwards, a World War II veteran, to support the Veteran’s Memorial Museum in the old Carnegie Library Building on Ballengee Street.

This fund was created when the late Clifford Young made a bequest in his will to allocate monies to help those suffering from diabetes.

Established by Myra and David Ziegler, this discretionary fund is used to support the charitable needs of the Hinton and Summers County community.

This fund was created by David Ziegler and Richard Gunnoe.to bring special cultural, scientific, artistic, and historic programs to Summers County.