Why Should You Contribute?

The Hinton Area Foundation has qualified under the rules and regulations of the Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit community foundation. Your gifts, therefore, are tax deductible. The HAF has been successful only because of the broad support of a large number of people. Many people have given us money. Others have remembered the Foundation in their wills. Some have given us property. Many more have contributed their time and labor. There are no minimums for contributions to existing funds.

Creating A Fund

Any contributor can created a Designated Fund within the HAF with a contribution of $10,000 or more. The minimum contribution may be spread over five (5) years with a minimum $1500 first year contribution. If you are interested in created a designated fund, you are encouraged to discuss your purpose with any member of the Board of Directors.

Tax Credits

The HAF is a participant in the WV Neighborhood Investment Program and may issue WV tax credits equaling 50% of endowment fund contributions (limited to the Foundation’s annual allocation of tax credits). The minimum contribution to qualify for the tax credits is $500.

Annual Financial Summary

Financial Year Total Assets
2019 $7,795,313
2018 $6,434,885
2017 $5,824,237
2016 $5,086,683
2015 $4,645,792
2014 $4,366,180
2013 $3,832,522
2012 $3,236,516
Financial Year Total Assets
2011 $2,884,200
2010 $2,403,226
2009 $1,943,769
2008 $1,970,782
2007 $1,936,419
2006 $1,847,124
2005 $1,646,714
2004 $1,598,940

“Total Assets” includes trust accounts, pass-through accounts, and checking accounts.