Our Summers County students are benefited by unique teaching methods created by teachers who are inspired to give extra thought to enhancing the standard curriculum.  Teachers submit their project for consideration to the Hinton Area Foundation “Learning Innovation Mini-grant Program“–made available by your thoughtful donations–in the hopes of receiving support for their innovative techniques.

Awards for 2020/21 totaling $1,250 were granted from the Learning Innovations Fund as mini-grants to three teachers:

Kari Vicars—Summers County Middle School–received $300: “There’s No Escaping History, or Is There?” project for 8th graders (creating extraordinary learning experiences through the use of escape rooms); serving 110 students.
Sydney Jordan—Jumping Branch Elementary–received $500:  “Educational Activity Court” project for Pre-K through 5th graders (getting kids recharged with physical activity modules to ignite classroom learning); serving all 100 students.
Amanda Wheeler—Talcott Elementary–received $450: “Easy Progress Monitoring” project for Kindergarteners; serving 22 students.
Thanks to everyone whose gifts make these mini-grants possible!