Event Date: Tuesday, May 1, 2018

On May 1, 2018, Hinton Area Foundation will join communities across the country and West Virginia for Give Local America – a 24-hour crowdfunding event that provides individuals a platform to invest in and celebrate the work of local communities and nonprofit organizations. Donations received during WV Giving Day 2018 support the following funds: Second Saturdays Event Fund – Provide funding for the cost of entertainment and other expenses related to Second Saturday held on the second Saturdays each month from May-October; Learning Innovation Fund – Hinton area students are benefited by programs that encompass inventive teaching methods. The teachers’ inspired techniques are funded through small grants (“Teacher Mini Grants”) through the Hinton Area Foundation, from your community support. Such programs would otherwise be impossible; Jones-Kula Writing Fund – Lena Jane Jones, widow of Stephen D. Jones, and Cheryl Kula have established this fund to support the growth of writing proficiency in Summers County. Groups or individuals that demonstrate a specific need in writing proficiency with a measurable outcome are invited to apply for grants; General Fund – Provides funding for our annual grants that benefit many organizations that support the Summers County community.
To donate on May 1, visit our website at http://www.earlm433.sg-host.com or stop in the Parmer Center between 8AM-4PM. For more information about joining Hinton Area Foundation for Give2WV Day, contact Colleen Hannah at Colleen@earlm433.sg-host.com 304-309-5502.