Do you or someone you know have a soft spot for Hinton and Summers County, WV? What if you could participate in the historic preservation, economic development and general upliftment of this area with a gift of up to $250–AND have it doubled?

The Hinton Area Foundation has received grant funding from the Carter Family Foundation *, which will match the philanthropic gift of first-time donors to any Hinton Area Foundation endowed fund up to $250. That means, as a first-time donor your gift of up to $250 to a Hinton Area Foundation endowed fund can be matched dollar for dollar, between now and September 30, 2020.

This is an especially great opportunity for young people to begin their philanthropic habits. If you are able to give $25 to $50/month before September 30, 2020, you can have up to $250 matched.

To find a list of our endowed funds, go to our website at: Endowed Funds are listed under “Designated” or “Scholarships” (Pass-through Funds do not qualify for the match). To donate click on “Donate Now” on our website, or mail a check to The Hinton Area Foundation, P.O. Box 217, Hinton WV 25951-0217 to donate (list your chosen fund name in the “Memo” line).  Join the momentum and get the match. 

To start your own fund to support Hinton/Summers County, please contact us at or call (304) 309-5502.

And thank you!

Myra Hogan, Executive Director

* “The Carter Family foundation was established in 1980 by Leslie R. Carter, Elizabeth M. Carter, Bernard E. Carter, Georgia Carter and Margaret Alice Carter `to operate exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, public safety, literary or education purposes, or for the prevention of cruelty to persons within the United States.’.” (from Beckley Register-Herald, Jan 1, 2012)