Sandy Turner established this fund in order to more efficiently use the funds donated to the 4-H. The fund will support special projects at Camp Summers and also be used as a vehicle to solicit further donations.

This fund was created by Gene Fife to help maintain the ballpark for the Hinton Little League. Gene graduated from Hinton High School, attended Virginia Tech, and went on to a very successful career in business and finance in London, England. Gene has served as a beacon for the people of Summers County and helped many students with his own scholarship fund.

This fund provides a tax deductible vehicle to gather and administer funds to be used for matching grants. The eventual goal is to create a historically themed park to interpret John Henry’s legendary battle with the steam drill and educate visitors on the advancement of the C&O Railroad down the Greenbrier River and through the New River Gorge.

Application requirements: 3.0 GPA, attend institution in WV

The Hinton Memorial Lighting Fund (HMLF), a non-profit, all volunteer organization, is striving to continue the legacy of Leon R. and Ruth Pivont who worked to light the town during the Christmas Season. Created in 2012, the HMLF has been raising money in an effort to light the buildings of Hinton in the style seen in many other Historic communities around the United States as well as those already lit through Ken Allman’s vision for Hinton. The Hinton Memorial Lighting Fund has been established with Hinton Area Foundation to effectively and efficiently use the monies raised toward the beautification of Hinton and as a venue to accept further donations for Christmas Lighting projects. Donations placed into this fund are used promptly for the designated purpose.

Marcella Morrison’s interest in helping animals has resulted in this pass-through fund earmarked for an animal shelter. Summers County has a continuing need for a shelter and this fund will provide seed money for its construction.

Created by Ken Allman, a Hinton native who has tied the destiny of his businesses to his hometown, this fund supports the community building activities of others. Mr. Allman believes in the abilities of local people to compete in an international market place. The fund will support community organizations that focus on children, the arts, parks, and recreation.

This fund was created in 2001 by Gene Fife to encourage the raising of additional funds for a community swimming pool needed to teach children to swim, for youth athletic competitions, adult exercise sessions, and senior health programs.

For many years Summers County has hosted the West Virginia Water Festival on our lake and rivers. The fund originated with a $10,000 bequest in the will of Joyce Jarrell to assist in funding future festivals.

The fiery destruction of the “brick row” residences inspired generosity from friends of the community, local and distant. Donations of more than $25,000 were contributed and disbursed to victims of this tragedy to help them rebuild their lives. New donations to the Fire Victims Fund are disbursed as needed.

Gene Fife, a native of Hinton, a graduate of Virginia Tech, and retired executive of Goldman Sachs, contributed to the education of 62 students from Hinton High School and Summers County High School over a span of 20 years. Many of these students have established successful careers for themselves. They now desire to honor Gene Fife and give back to the community by contributing to a new fund named in his honor. This fund will be used for scholarships.

Dr. Jim Blume, of Forest Hill, West Virginia, created this pass-through fund to support the creation of or improvement to athletic facilities in Summers County, West Virginia. Dr. Blume also generously supported the Camp Summers and Hometown Doctor funds in 2013.

The purpose of this fund is for annual contest to encourage writing among Summers County students by offering awards in multiple categories by genre or others as appropriate. This fund is intended to provide funding for an annual writing contest for students attending school or residing in Summers County.

The purpose of the fund is to provide funding for the educational and experiential enrichment of the children of Summers County. The fund will finance in whole, or part, programs and projects which will enhance the lives of our children. Initial projects will include part funding for the repair of the HVAC system at Summers County High School, and part funding for a STEM lab to be used by all county schools. Funds may also be used for other projects to be determined later.

To provide funds to buy the Bookmobile for the Summers County Library.

To facilitate the mission of the Hinton Lions Club as authorized by its Board of Directors.